About me

I don’t generally do essentialist, but this is one of the sometimes.

Cis-gendered female, aspiring monster; able-bodied, except for the one part that doesn’t work; more or less queer, depending on the day; crazy, in somewhat socially acceptable ways; atheistic hindu (because I can actually do that!); brahmin, with kshatriya khattri; feminist, with firm caveats about transphobia and racism; middle-class, while allowing for intersections with race; anti-capitalist, with hopes of something less mean; academic, about almost anything; and irreverent, about almost everything else.

Things that will reliably piss me off:

  • Racist, fascist, classist, ableist, elitist, transphobic, homophobic, fatphobic comments and actions (and yes I know a comment is a speech act).
  • Failure to own your privilege, and refusal to accept that you have it.  I don’t care if you don’t want it, or don’t like having it.
  • Honesty without consideration.  This does not apply when those with less power are challenging those with more power.
  • Irony as a veil for being mean.  Especially when the word itself is inaccurately applied.

Things that generally make me happier:

  • People being kind.
  • Revolutions, resistance and other challenges to authority.
  • Chocolate and edamame.
  • Dance and books.
If you’re a nice person who wants to get in touch, brownflotsamATgmailDOTcom will be just dandy.  If, however, you are a mean person – the internet will gobble you up and spit your bones out over the abyss.

6 comments on “About me

  1. Cadence says:

    Dear BGM,

    I am a senior college student current doing a short study on Anonymous Blogging for my Anthropology of New Media course. My research question is as follows: “Why do people blog anonymously and are content and anonymity correlated?” I happened across your blog and think you may have very valuable insight into my research question. If you are interested, I would really appreciate your input. Alas, I am sure you are busy with your own ordeals, but if you have a moment and feel so inclined, I would love to send you a brief questionnaire.


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