Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

Like most people who read blogs, I’d been reading them longer than I’ve been writing my own.  And one of my favourite reads is the monthly installment put together by the DUFC (down under feminists’ carnival).  Yes, I know the logo has an apostrophe missing – I love them anyway!  This month I’ll be hosting the carnival so you can look forward to reading about the crème de la crème of feminist bloggers from hereish.  In the meantime, those of you who are from hereish and write blogs, should submit some posts!  To submit you must: identify as a feminist, identify as being from australasia and have written something in the month of april that you’d like us to read.

Go take a gander, submit through the carnival website, or if that fails (sigh! the vagaries of the internet and suchlike) shoot me an email with it instead.  And I should mention, the deadline is the 5th of May, but I am subject to more vagaries than the internet and  as such, the earlier I have the submissions the happier I’ll be.  There could be cookies.