In which our heroine goes a little loopy

It has been that kind of week.  I’ve had to listen to lot of people talking about how unions are BAD and are running the country into the ground.  And how Australia is a slave to political correctness (seriously, where was I when this happened?).  And of course my personal favourite of how being gender neutral when talking to people about their partners is such an unnecessary imposition on normal people.  So I have put together an abbreviated list of videos that make me less irritable so I and everyone I know can get click happy.  At some point I will write a coherent post about the fallacies and idiocies contained in the cited ideas spouted, but for now – this is all you get.

1. Boycotts, queers, song and dance – what’s not to love?

2. I know Joss Whedon can get a tad self-indulgent but then he says things like this and I kinda like ’em.

3. Disney mustn’t have realised what the movie was about.  I’m glad they paid for it anyhow.

4. And this, this never fails to cheer me up.

Fair work has asked Qantas to come to the table and ended the lock out.  The country (in my opinion) is nowhere near politically correct.  And pronouns for people and partners are speech acts with the power to hurt and liberate.  That is all.

Have a lovely day.