About this

This is a blog about contradictions.  And inter-sections.  And the margins around the text.  And sub text and super text.  And the intersections between text and space.  And stretches in time that squish space.  And collisions and collusion and collaborations.  And conclusions and demarcation.  And the texture of the page.  And the architecture of typography.  And fingers that interlock.  And curl and taunt and twirl and flick.

I do so hate pink.

The intention is to post every week.  Over the course of each month you will see something politicky, something crafty, something poetic and something else.  Of course neither I nor the universe believe that any of these spheres are inevitably distinct so expect some overlap.  Some of it will conflict and contradict and conflate; and some of it will reiterate and retract and react; and some of it will predict and perpetuate and prepare.  I shall enjoy it and hopefully you will too.

And there will always be ferns.  Improbably furled.


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